Lucky Shakti Leaf

Shakti Leaf Box
Project Overview

Bytes Bitten: 39,200,000

Reticulated Splines: 631

Sparkles in the Park

Sparkles in the Park Poster
Project Overview

Bytes Bitten: 9,200,000

Reticulated Splines: 410

GMW Sell Sheet

GMW Services Sell Sheets

Foundation Brothers

Foundation Brothers Logo
Project Overview

Initial development of the logo and look for Foundation Brothers in Woodstock Ontario.Brand development reflects the focus on foundation repair and modification services. The foundation is the structural heart of a house. The “pulse” represents that heart, a crack and a barrier between foundation and water.  Colours relate to water, concrete, soil and environment.

Bytes Bitten: 655,989,145.6

Reticulated Splines: 78.2

Burloak Animal Hospital

Project Overview

Full design project to create a warm and friendly newsletter for Burloak Animal Hospital. On the Oakville / Burlington border the goal was a fresh, vibrant feel that would reflect the fun, deeply caring staff and motivate pet parents on preventative key issues.  Concepts used were full-bleed with stock photography and traditional fonts played off against loose scripts in headings.

Bytes Bitten: 1,077,097,267.2

Reticulated Splines: 128.4


Shift Concussion

Shift Banner Stands
Project Overview

Paper Cuts Bandaged: 2

Crosshairs Crossed: 48

Shift Concussion

Shift Concussion Brochure
Project Overview

Following the initial design of this brochure, Shift Concussion wanted a cost-effective yet substantial printed version for training events and shows.  Printed on 100-lb gloss offset paper to hold the large dark solids, it was then treated to a matte finish to knock-down the shine making it look richer and improving readability in bright light. Folded using a double-parallel fold.

Paper Cuts Bandaged: 4

Crosshairs Crossed: 32

Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish Manual
Project Overview

Playing off the compact packaging box designed to hold the Lucky Iron Fish were originally several miniature postcards about the size of a business card which lay below the fish. These contained the backstory and care instructions for the fish. Having separate cards proved a challenge for end-users and packaging staff alike. This multiple Z-fold manual replaces the eight individual cards.

Paper Cuts Bandaged: 5

Crosshairs Crossed: 24


Sani-Bin Hang Card
Project Overview

This design repurposes a traditional door-hanger into something more akin to a point-of-sale piece.  To draw attention to their cleaning service, Sani-Bin took these hangers and put them on the lid hinge in target areas on their respective collection day. When the owner of the dirty bins collected them, they found the card and a solution to the stinky mess at the end of their driveways was in-hand.

Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish Box
Project Overview

Production of the Insignis designed box using corrugated cardboard designed to hold a 230 gram iron fish in place. Environmentally wise construction using vegetable based inks and a water-soluble coating to prevent smearing.  The box is formed from a single piece of cardboard (called a meat box) and assembles easily to form sidewalls, lid and the tray inside to hold the fish.

Paper Cuts Bandaged: 11

Crosshairs Crossed: 16