Responsive Websites

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a design technique allowing your website to shape-shift and fit any screen size or orientation. It uses a system called a fluid grid and it is this which allows text, images, and other assets on a webpage to rearrange to fit the screen of smart phones, tablets, computers, televisions, game consoles as well as that thing that hasn’t been invented yet!

Get brownie points from Google

Google likes mobile. On their mobile search, they reward rank for sites that have mobile usability and penalize sites having no mobile support. If your website is still not mobile friendly (i.e. you have to ‘pinch and zoom’ to read it); expect to lose rank quickly or even be dropped from mobile search.

Google Mobile Search Accounts for 40% of Search Traffic
Google also likes fast. Responsive website design allows optimization of images and video for small screens targeted to mobile devices, while richer high-resolution versions end up only on larger tablets, desktop computers and TV screens. Reducing download time improves user experience which makes Google happy and saves bandwidth on your visitor’s data plan makes them happy too.

The Future Present is Mobile

More people are now accessing the Internet from mobiles be they tablets, smart phones or now even their cars! A study by ComScore in March 2015 revealed that a greater number of Canadians now access the Internet by mobile devices, (phones and tablets), than desktop computers. Albeit currently a slim margin, it is a gap that is steadily widening and represents over half the survey respondents.What does this mean? Most will first interact with your organization on a hand-held device.

You cannot afford to ignore the mobile shift happening right now!
All of our website packages are mobile-ready from the day they launch. We consider what many sell as an “upgrade”, to be standard equipment — purchasing a website today that is not responsive is like buying a car with the tires sold separately.

Build a positive user experience

Responsive Website Design (RWD) should be part of any site reworking or new website design project and should not be a line item cost itself. The beauty of RWD is it makes your site available to the widest audience possible whether they use a PC/laptop, Android, iOS, Windows phone, BlackBerry, smart TV or game console.

Couple RWD with the proper application of website accessibility measures and you have a communication tool ready to meet people — your customer on the device of their choice. Perfect!