WordPress Development

A core tool of our website design and development services is working with our clients in the WordPress ecosystem. WordPress is a powerful system to base your website on from a small business through to public-sector and government websites.

Insignis Design has developed WordPress sites throughout North America ranging from small business cases, educational platforms, e-stores, online business catalogues and sites for non-profit organizations and hobbyists.

WordPress offers a strong starting point for any website. Whether we end up using just the core product or adding high-quality plugins to expand its capabilities, we can help you get started right. The most substantial foundation is a WordPress site’s theme. This is a set of files and templates that guides the look, feel, design and functionality of a WordPress site.

There are a plethora of WordPress themes on the market to chose from be they free or attached to a licensing fee. However, because they are mostly designed to fit to any type of website, they come with a large over-burden of options, plugins and page builders that can ultimately over-complicate your site.

We approach theme’s differently – all our sites are bespoke in nature. That means they are built for your project and are not purchased or downloaded from a repository. This gives you only the functionality that you need, unique look and feel and most importantly, speed and security. Custom built themes also generally have a longer lifespan and a compliant accessiblity.