Complete Website Maintenance Services

Why You Need Preventative Professional Maintenance

Keeping your website content fresh is important. Well known for better search engine optimization.

Even more important is preventing the accidental neglect of  your website software which comes from simply not updating it. This can leave you exposed to:

  • Website exploitation (hacking)
  • Security issues including identity theft
  • Costly repairs
  • Loss of business (immediate and long term)
  • Broken site features due to server upgrades or patching

If your site is not being maintained regularly, you are vulnerable.

Exploitation uses the resources of your web server for another purpose.  But website and reputation damage are unfortunate side effects that can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and lost business.

Our website maintenance programs

Help prevent your website from becoming a victim of:

  • Participation in Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (your server helps crash another site)
  • Running phishing or identity theft scams
  • Distributing viruses or malware
  • Spamming (i.e. through insecure forms)
  • Search Result hijacking, redirecting visitors to dangerous sites and stealing your search equity

All of these will result in a loss of trust of your website and your brand.

A website maintenance program ensures your content management system is updated regularly along with any plugins you may be using.  While this can be done by you or your webmaster, the harsh truth is most site owners are too busy and forget … until it is too late.

These website maintenance programs consist of prepaid block hours that cover you in a wide array of situations.

Plus+ they all feature reduced hourly rates! Go one step further and pair one with a website firewall from Sucuri for even more peace of mind.

Build Loyalty Through Fresh Content

Keeping your content fresh is a great way to keep visitors engaged and search engines coming back.

But that takes time — a luxury you may not have much of. 

Short on time? Leverage your website maintenance package to provide fresh and polished content through new articles, captivating images or by simply added new products to your e-store. You provide the bones, we provide the spit and polish allowing you to relax knowing your website is in good hands.

With our programs, you know that expert help, advice and site care are just a phone call or email away.

Focus on Your Business — Not Your Website

Hire us to keep your website current!

This makes good business sense because you will save precious time not learning a content management system, allowing you instead instead to focus on your business — imagine, hitting the park with your kids instead of cursing at a website!

Plus+ you will save money not having to rebuild a crashed website or cleaning up the mess a malware infection leaves in its wake.  You also save on most of our many other services too!

Ready to stop worrying about your website? Check our website maintenance prices we’ve posted for busy clients just like you!

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