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Website Packages and Pricing Guelph

About Insignis Website Design Pricing

Going beyond a pre-made template, custom website design is an involved process.  You can learn more about our web design process here.

The Website You Need

Because the goal of every custom designed website is different, so too is the cost of design and development.  Forcing clients into the closest “package” isn’t the solution.  That’s why we talk with you and estimate every project no matter how large or how small it may be.  Our process is about ensuring our clients gets the best value, not just the closest fit. We also do so with the knowledge that every cent matters to your bottom line.

While not selling web design packages, following are some examples to help provide an understanding of website project scale scope and cost range.  These are not firm and functions from more advanced projects can often be incorporated into a smaller project. These are presented only to help you scope your project and provide a starting point for a conversation. 

You can start by requesting a conversation about your project here.

Sample Project Packages

The Greeter

  • perfect for small business
  • brochure style websites
  • built with WordPress
  • have a simple custom theme
  • photo gallery and forms
  • page-based SEO with plugin
  • ability to easily edit your content
  • basic hosting
  • Google Apps for Work account
  • own your site, don’t rent it

The Fixer

  • update code in your current website
  • bandage to make it mobile-friendly
  • avoid being dropped by Google
  • improve search engine access
  • accessibility for AODA compliance
  • SEO coaching, on-page optimizing
  • save time and money over a redesign
  • uses same look/design you have now
  • stop locking out customers
  • ensure mobile users can interact

The Agent

  • custom designed WordPress website
  • on-page technical SEO on supplied content
  • contact form with database storage
  • advanced photo gallery
  • video, text and photo slider
  • robust off-site backup system
  • social media connectors
  • email list-building tools
  • Google Analytics registration and setup
  • training on editing your new site

The Storyteller

  • features of “the agent” plus
  • more in-depth brochure website
  • fully integrated blog
  • user comment for conversation building
  • on-page content / technical SEO
  • basic writing services
  • customized input templates for easier editing
  • social media plugins for better conversations
  • content delivery network
  • premium hosting services

The Communicator

  • features of “The Storyteller” plus
  • great for smaller affiliate stores
  • client focused brochure site
  • link in your external e-store
  • add a support ticket system
  • rich event calendar or tie in your Google calendar
  • site and store SEO and coaching
  • advanced marketing features
  • social media visuals and tie-in
  • content editing training and documentation

The Shop Keeper

  • features of “the communicator” plus
  • e-commerce baked in to website
  • no need for affiliates or third-party stores
  • features WooCommerce the fastest growing store system
  • customer / membership area
  • add live chat support or a forum
  • customized store templates
  • responsive design for mobile users
  • protected by Sucuri website firewall
  • plus much more

Operating Costs

Custom website design projects are generally priced by the project.  However, there are a few items that have recurring prices attached to them, generally on an annual basis. Here is a basic list of what to expect for billable items in your second year of operation:

  • Hosting services (space, SSL Certificates and IP addresses)
  • Domain costs (generally these are billed directly to you by the registrar)
  • Website security and firewall services
  • Premium plugin license renewals
  • Maintenance services with Insignis Design

These costs will vary widely depending on site size, configuration and requirements of your website. Some services (like plugins) are also billed in foreign currency so exchange rates may also play a factor at the time of renewal.


Yes, our custom websites come with a warranty!  Learn more about our website warranty program here.