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Active Listening and Insight for Successful Projects

To create the best website design project requires paying careful attention to our client’s needs, wants and goals. Active listening and further enriching such input with our own insight from past experience and current knowledge are key to a successful project. Our insight is drawn from web and graphic design, marketing, print and advertising theory and real-world experience from the last 20 years. We then apply current trends which in all helps us develop a website that will engage our client’s ideal visitor. Quick engagement is key to captivating today’s highly distracted viewer and then further motivating them to the desired action.

Creating Great User Experiences (UX Design)

The ultimate user experience for any site is the one that engages the ideal customer and promotes the desired action such as requesting more information, engaging in conversation, visiting a store or buying online. A great user experience is rooted in a combination of usability, value, desirability, accessibility and credibility . These are all generated from the proper combination of content, graphics and organization that deliver a solution to the visitor’s query or problem.

Our sites are developed using the mobile first design method, allowing us to deliver on the most important user experience today – a site that works well on smartphones and tablets. This process starts on paper and progresses to a computer-based wire frame layout which is then discussed and tweaked in detail.  Only then to we start to build a live prototype that shows how the responsiveness of the site will work, where the various page components will be located and how they adapt across break points.  Our clients are invited to follow the development at a live testing server so they can witness this process firsthand and provide feedback at any point.

Ensuring Accessibility Compliance

Insignis Design has the experience and knowledge to keep you and your website out of trouble. Meeting the needs of all your current and prospective customers should be enough to underscore the importance of accessible websites.  However, if not, there are now laws and fines, risk of suit or even loss of coveted government funding to sway those not in compliance. Don’t wait, we can help you conduct accessibility audits and enhance your website with accessible website design, which will also help on the search engine optimization front too! If you are marketing through email or collecting customer information online, we can help you minimize privacy concerns and meet compliance with Canada’s new anti-spam legislation (CASL).

Experienced Website Builders for Two Decades

The changes over the last 20 years in web design are incredible. 

One of the first studios to make accessibility compliance standard with every project (since 2003) — long before it was law.  Our time spent in the practice of website design has also meant 20 years of constant professional development and learning.

One of the biggest changes is the spread of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website tools.  While these have a place serving hobbyists, causes or personal blogs — businesses today need the guidance, support and training of a professional website designer to create a site that properly represents the brand storyHiring Insignis Design doesn’t mean giving up control or breaking the bank. Our website packages are budget friendly as a one-time flat rate cost, but can also fit into any shoestring marketing budget through Equalized Payment Plans.

Whether looking to build your first website or undertake a much needed overhaul, you will find a DIY solution for almost everything. Remember though, Do It Yourself  “solutions” are seldom the best choice for growing your business, as they steal time better spent building your business connections and opportunities.  Everything in your business can be done on your own, the question is, “what is your time really worth?”

Affordable Not Cheap

The word “cheap” is used a lot these days mostly because it is a term that ranks highly in searches. It has come to mean the same as “cost-effective” or “budget-friendly”.  Seldom is this the case.

So what’s the difference? “Cheap” tends to cut corners in order to deliver something with little investment or time spent in its creation. Often this results in sub-standard results that you likely paid more for than they are really worth. (Such as a website that is there but doesn’t really do your business any favours.) “Cheap” is not how to create beautiful and functional websites that do justice to your business or brand. They will not get the phone ringing or the door swinging!

We design and build expertly hand-crafted websites from start to finish. We save our clients thousands of dollars in web design delivering quality custom designs from our small studio while passing along savings realized through our lower overhead. Sure, we may not have a prestigious address or swanky office, however we do have the ability to build you a great website for less that will help you build brand awareness. Save your money, hire us for less.

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