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Guelph Website Architect

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Website Design and Development

Benefit from over 20 years of practical experience on your website project. And with these affordable design packages and maintenance service choices you will stay on budget.

New websites and refresh projects enjoy

  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Search engine optimization
  • Easy content management
  • Cost-effective maintenance choices
  • Personal service from a friendly, knowledgeable designer

Go Mobile Friendly

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Responsive Website Design

Smartphones and tablets are not a trend. And now with ‘wearables’, mobile-friendly websites makes even more sense. Plus you will rank better in local and mobile search.

Deliver your content how your user wants

  • All new and major refreshes are responsive
  • Never pay extra for mobile-ready design
  • Your website will work on almost any device
  • Improve search engine ranking
  • Mobile-first loads your site faster with less data
  • Not responsive yet? Ask about retrofit options

Don't Neglect Website Maintenance

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Just as your car needs oil changes and your furnace air filters, your website also needs periodic maintenance. Our programs take the worry out of this important task and make life easier.

  • Keep content fresh, interesting and up-to-date;
  • Outdated sites are a vulnerable security risk;
  • Focus on your business, leave the website to us;
  • Simple prepaid plans sold in block hours of time;
  • Save money with reduced rates and discounts!

Web Accessibility is the Law

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We have been helping clients obtain and ensure website accessibility for over a decade. It was a good business decision back then and still is today – but it’s also the law.

  • 16% of Canadians have a disability;
  • Possessing $25-billion in buying power;
  • Good for business ensuring equal access;
  • Accessible websites have better SEO results;
  • Standard with every one of our projects!

Easily Manage Your Content

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Keeping your online presence relevant and up-to-date is an important component of SEO and overall business communications. Employing a content management system as part of your website can:

  • Allows you to make most content updates yourself;
  • Create a blog right inside your site no extra Apps;
  • Update e-store product information and images;
  • Build customer trust, retention and repeat business;
  • Non-proprietary, open-source and easy to use!

SEO to Grow

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing visibility of your website to search engines. SEO helps increase your site’s rank on relevant searches in that search engine’s results pages (SERPs)

  • Improve site rank in Google and Bing
  • Grow valuable in-bound traffic links
  • Target key words your target market is looking for;
  • Measure results with powerful analytical tools;
  • See how visitors are finding and using your site!

Dedicated Email Solutions

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Email and productivity tools from Google Apps for Work allows your team, (big or small), to enjoy an easy-to-use, proven and secure hosted cloud application suite featuring:

  • Business-class Gmail using your domain;
  • Office compatible suite with lots of storage;
  • Shared calendars and tasks;
  • Dozens of other great productivity tools;
  • Save money on expensive servers and software!

Great Websites Have Great Hosts

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Choosing a good host¬† is an important part of establishing a strong website presence.¬† Don’t let price sway you because as we all know, there are no free rides.

  • Cheap hosting is never a good choice;
  • Over-sold servers are often slow;
  • Choose a host with great support and load balance;
  • Consider the geographic location of the server;
  • Great regional hosting is included in our web packages!