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The Importance of Keeping your Website Up-to-Date

There are two aspects of keeping a website up-to-date. We can help you with both on an ongoing basis, ask how.

The first is ensuring the website software is kept current as an important security activity. This helps keep unwanted visitors at bay who if granted access to your site editor can undo months of hard work in just a few hours.  Read up on the latest threats and how to dodge them in our blog.

The other aspect is more benign, yet equally important.  That’s content, and keeping it fresh so that regular readers and researchers keep coming back is key to building trust with visitors and search engines alike.  Quality content, whether through a blog, comments and reviews, photo library, or other on-page updates can make your site a trusted destination for your topic.

And as regular viewership increases so does trust among the top search engines, increasing their visits to your site to get that new content. In turn this provides a considerable boost for the rank of your page against related key words in the search engine result pages.

Help with securing your website and mastering your content are two important services we offer.  Programs for both are available as a package, retainer or as a time and materials basis.

Great Websites have Great Hosts

Did you know that where you host your website can really make a difference?  Of course everyone wants reliability and speed for as little money as possible, however it is vitally important here not to confuse ‘cheap’ with ‘value-oriented’.  Most small to medium sites will use shared or cloud hosting which is fine if your chosen service provider is not over-selling their services. Speed and reliability are key search ranking factors.

Unfortunately, that seldom means the lowest price is your best choice.  Over loaded serves run slow and may also be geographically located far from your target market.  A great hosting provider also has great support and will not be put-out by questions you may have pre- or post-sale.  Free hosting solutions are the worst choice generally as they may overlay advertising on your website, disallow dedicated domain names or be a magnet for spam or other online activities you will not want associated with your brand.

Need help finding a great host?

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