Does your website need a new home?  We offer quality professional hosting through one of Canada’s premier hosting providers.  Your Canadian organization can enjoy the benefit of servers located in Canada with Canadian-based IP addresses which can help protect data from foreign governments and with your local search engine optimization efforts. Bundled with our maintenance program, you have a hosted-at-home worry-free solution!

Why does having quality hosting matter?  Hosting that is offered for next to nothing with no limits on disk space or bandwidth usually means a slow loading, oversold experience.  You may save money but at what cost when your site is frequently unavailable?  Should your site outgrow shared hosting, we can set you up with dedicated and Virtual Private Server hosting as well.

Should my Canadian website be hosted in Canada? In the North American market, most well-known brands of hosting are in the United States. Some may have satellite servers in Toronto. Montreal or Vancouver but remain ‘foreign’ as they have U.S. IP addresses. 

Hosting in Canada is competitive, if price is a primary concern, due to the influence and fierce competition just to the south.  Benefits to hosting in Canada include:

  • Supporting a fellow Canadian business
  • Having a Canadian IP can boost Search Engine Optimization (especially with a dot CA domain)
  • Being near your market if you are selling local or regional services
  • Having your data under Canadian Law and Privacy controls versus those of a foreign nation

What about my domain name?  Insignis Design can help you identify and register your domain name(s) with a reputable registrar.  Our common practice is to encourage self-registration and renewals whenever possible, so proper legal ownership is established and maintained in your name.

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Google Apps for Work

G Suite

Looking for a reliable email solution? Look no further than Google’s G Suite (formerly Google Apps) which delivers the power of Gmail for business along with Docs, Drive, Calendar and more – all tied to your domain name and all from just $5 per user per month!

Why would you want to use G Suite? Most hosting companies provide email as a necessity and often lack the tools and ease of connectivity today’s users demand.  Gmail and G Suite are built on the most advanced cloud infrastructure and has comprehensive security. Gmail’s spam filters are second-to-none at keeping your inbox clean and productive.

How can paying for G Suite save me money?  Depending on your business size, turning to G Suite can save you money in a few different ways:

  • No expensive Exchange Server licenses
  • Reduced IT costs to manage mail servers and email clients
  • No email software required that can get corrupted and stop working
  • Reduced time and frustration with easy multiple device setup and apps
  • Scale from a single user to hundreds of users quickly and easily

How does G Suite make changing hosting companies easier? Changing your hosting provider can be problematic when it comes to self-hosted email. Your messages are often stored on the same server being cancelled leaving you or your IT person to transfer tens of thousands of messages. With G Suite, your messages reside in the Google Cloud and changing hosts is a simple matter of redirecting email traffic to G Suite.

Join the millions of businesses that have boosted their productivity with G Suite. For more information or to get started, contact Insignis Design.