Search Engine Optimization Services

Helping Google Find Your Site

Guelph Ontario SEO Expertise

It all starts with a well-built and developed website coupled with the perfect keywords. Actual keywords that your ideal customer is actively using right now to find products and services just like yours. These are often not the keywords business owners think they.

Optimize for what people are looking for

Insignis Design can help you find the key terms and phrases people are using to find topical matter. We can help you identify your primary SEO competitors as well and what key words they are using to attract new business.

We do ‘drill-up’ style analysis to find the answers and help you create the content people are looking for. We can also help you develop an SEO and/or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign that attracts the clients you want.

Optimizing Social Media Shares

Help position your site as people share

Did you know a part of site optimization is telling your site what content and title information to display when people share your site on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

This allows you to change and optimize the site title, click through link, synopsis and set a variation of images that speaks to the audience on each platform. This is done with OpenGraph and Twittercard snippets. We can also help you place your Facebook Pixel for advertising and site stream sharing.