Are Your Passwords Good Enough?

The number of things needing passwords continually grows. Most of us now have at least 25 online profiles, yet few have more than one or two passwords. This greatly increases identity theft risk.

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Why You Need Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a design technique allowing your website to shape-shift and fit any screen size or orientation. It uses a fluid grid layout which allows text, images, and other assets on a webpage to rearrange to fit the screen.

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Dot “Anything” – New Domain Options

They’re here and there are plenty of options. Check out the multitude of new domain names now available and see how they can help with memorable marketing and brand development.

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The Great Thing About Wireframing

The best ideas always start on a napkin in a café – a technique called ‘wireframing’. This process is (finally) evolving to be an accepted design stage worthy of client eyes.

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Understanding Colour Models

When developing artwork for your website or design project or when brokering your print job, you will often hear us refer to different colour models; specifically, RGB, CMYK and spot or PMS colours.  To appreciate the differences between these models and how they play a role in the look and feel of your brand and […]

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Is Your Website Grade ‘A’?

Whether you have a Web site for your company now or you are debating about getting one, there are important factors you should know that can greatly enhance your Web presence. Make sure your web site meets both your best interests and your those of all your potential customers.

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