Graphic and Print Design

Guelph Graphic Designer and Branding Agent

A Guelph-based Graphic Design Specialist, we will skillfully craft the words, shapes, images and colours into your exciting new logo, ad, poster or display. We will help you stand apart from the clutter.

  • Over 20 years experience in layout and design;
  • Effective advertisement creative for print or screen;
  • Billboards, signs and wraps designed and coordinated;
  • Traffic building trade-show displays simple or complex;
  • Digital designs including website graphics to presentations.

Creative and Effective Advertising Pieces

In 2012, US$557 billion was spent globally on advertising across all mediums. Somewhere advertising will play a part in your organization and when it does we can help maximize your return on investment.

    Design of postcards and mailer programs;
    Newspaper and magazine ad layouts;
    Door-to-door campaign materials;
    H-stake and A-frame style sign creation;
    Any other advertising creative you need!

Logo Design, Corporate Identity and Brand Support

Nothing is more important than your brand when you are in business, as it is a representation of your product or service promise. We can help you establish or refresh your brand and build awareness.

    Logo design, new start-up or established refresh;
    Complete identity and corporate look development;
    Graphic standards documentation and support;
    Build awareness with multiple print and digital media;
    Create trust and credibility with your ideal target market!

Engaging Customers with Trade-show and Lobby Displays

Building your brand through engaging, large-format displays can have incredible impact. At your office or a conference they inform passerby and attendees about your business, the energy of a trade-show amplifies this effect.

    Design and brokering of a wide assortment of solutions;
    Roll-up Banner stands to complex trade-show booths;
    Hall and office signage design and fulfillment;
    Work with our vendors or your large-format printer;
    Solutions for any budget, no matter how small your business!

CD & DVD Media, Industrial and Retail Package Design

Looking for creative packaging ideas for your new or existing product? From traditional shelf-presence retail packaging through to industrial corrugated boxes and fine-detail custom media packaging, we can help.

    Design of package concept and graphics;
    Liaison with national manufacturers for production;
    Standard or unique packaging for CD or DVD;
    Label creation for bottles, bins or bulk distribution;
    Rugged weatherproof to delicate artisan solutions.

Custom Tailored Presentations and Materials

In addition to the various print and web methods to convey your message, nothing beats a live presentation – especially to a captive target audience. We can help with custom presentation templates and more.

    Customized and branded PowerPoint presentations;
    Tailored hand-out presentation materials;
    Support graphics for a professional look;
    Online sharing and distribution of presentations;
    Screencasts, video clips, info-graphics and more.

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