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ChatGPT: In Its Own Words

Needed a story on ChatGPT. What could be better than having the Open AI program write about itself?

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Animated GIFs Are Still Awesome

Let’s kick 23 off on a lighter note with just a hint of some older but still awesome tech and the all-inclusive food group – pizza!

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Passwords: Time to Go

After 50 years, society may finally be able to say “bye” to the username and password when accessing websites and apps.

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Apple Plans to Kill CAPTCHAs

Tired of having to solve puzzles to login to your favourite website or complete a transaction? That may soon come to an end thanks to new technology from Apple.

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Responsive Websites

Google likes mobile. They reward rank mojo for sites that have mobile usability and penalize sites that don’t. Not mobile friendly? You can expect to lose rank.

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Wire Framing Power

Wire framing is the roughing-out of a new design whether for print or web. A starting point. They can be digital with sexy software or on a coffee-stained napkin!

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Dot Anything

Your local domain space is about to get a lot more crowded! A whole spate of new gTLDs (Top Level Domains) have just been released to purchase. What’s your dot?

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The Grade ‘A’ Website

Opening your website content to all people in all walks of life is an important step. Soon to be law for some, making your website accessible is a great choice.

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