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Client focused creativity and experience. Insignis Design offers you over 20 years of experience in both website design and graphic design for screen and print media. A varied practical real-world experience is the result of the privilege of working with a colourful palette of clients over the past two decades.

A virtual bespoke design studio at your service. The Insignis Design studio is in the beautiful Ontario city of Guelph, yet services clients throughout North America.  It is an independent Canadian family business owned by Les Patterson.

Distinguished and remarkable as the name implies. Les takes great pride in every project Insignis Design has the privilege of participating in.  From small website updates to large print layouts and everything in between, the goal is always remarkable service and extraordinary results with old-school support and attention to detail. We value every relationship we have and have yet to forge.

Ready to work together? Les would love the opportunity to discuss your next project and the prospect of working with you. Call 519-836-7702 to have a conversation or drop an email right now. You can also request a free quote anytime from any of our website pages.

Les Patterson

Les Patterson

My creativity and imagination took off at an early age, amid a scattering of Lego bricks. Those colourful plastic blocks were not the catalyst though as creativity runs in my blood as the son of creatives. Dad was a Graphic Designer and a founding instructor and then chair of Visual Arts at Sheridan College Oakville; while mom, a talented crafter, worked at the University of Guelph in Photographic Services for many years.

My career in design and creativity started while attending the University of Guelph. I created computer programs and designed diagrams, maps and did other desktop publishing services for my peers. During that time I also wrote for, designed and printed several monthly newsletters. After graduating I launched Vertexxa, a visual communications company.

Shortly after, a new creative canvass came along – the World Wide Web – and it was love at first sight.  The company focus shifted quicky to this digital medium and the in-house printing presses were silenced. Catapulting into the millennium, I grew professionally as the web design field blossomed and started to mature.  In that time, I gleaned extensive project experience  across a wide spectrum of organizations and even had the honour of creating websites for my alma mater.

I transitioned the company from Falcon Innovation Group (a former partnership and joint venture) to Insignis Design in August 2013. With the support of my awesome wife Laura, I am blessed to run the studio from the same home where I once sat amid those heaps of Lego bricks, along with our three hairy kids, Spike, Abby and Zoe. Together, we do what we can to make the world a better place by volunteering our time and gifts. We forward the fight against cancer, diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis that have all played far too large and wicked a role in our family life.

Additional downtime is a premium and includes escapes like throwing the ball for our “kids”, binge watching some Netflix or getting lost in Minecraft, which is amazing digital Lego! The Circle of Life…