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Insignis Design is a creative web development firm specializing in custom website solutions from informational through to full e-commerce powered websites, built on today’s popular content management systems.  Our projects not only focus on aesthetics, but also the overall UX/UI that makes a site usable, accessible, mobile-friendly, and successful.

Insignis is...

Latin (īnsignis) for "remarkable" or "outstanding". Per our namesake, all Insignis Design's deliverables must absolutely be synonymous with quality; we don't just meet the minimum requirements, our aim is to exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is our sole priority.

Let's elevate your website development project to GREAT!

Latest Stories

Strawbery Graphic

CCS: Terrific Brand Marketing

Web Posted:

Examining the incredible brand campaigns of the Canadian Cancer Society over the past 30 years.


ChatGPT: In Its Own Words

Web Posted:

Needed a story on ChatGPT. What could be better than having the Open AI program write about itself?


Pizza Slice and Tomato hanging out on the couch - Pizza Hut Cartoon

Animated GIFs Are Still Awesome

Web Posted:

Let’s kick 23 off on a lighter note with just a hint of some older but still awesome tech and the all-inclusive food group – pizza!


Some of the great people we've built projects with ...

  • University of Guelph
  • Government of Ontario
  • CP Industries
  • Family Children Services Guelph Wellington
  • Wilson Fire Security
  • The Letter M Marketing